Department of Higher Education (DHE), Punjab, India

Updated on: Mar 5, 2013
The Department of Higher Education, Government of Punjab is administering authority for higher education in Punjab at undergraduate and postgraduate level. The instruction is provided through more than 300 colleges in different disciplines. The colleges function under the supervision and guidance of the Secretary of Higher Education Punjab Government. The department is promised not only to provide higher education but also to prepare better manpower to tackle up the situations in 21st century.

The Department sees the society as the a society by default capable of living with high ideals, tolerant of others' views and aspirations; a society which can co-exist with the changing times and assimilates the phenomenon of globalization of the world; a society which knows the joys of meaningful living; a society keen to protect its younger generation and leave behind a better world.

The department is promised to provide equal educational opportunities to all, and hence to make education within the reach of the common man.  There are three universities, 232 Arts & Science College, 114 colleges of education, 6 College of Physical Education and 11 Colleges of law for teaching different courses at undergraduate and post graduate level. College education is increasingly rising in Punjab, colleges in Punjab have comparatively high enrollment rate per college than at all India level. The enrollment rate of female candidates is relatively higher than the other Indian states. Besides regular study programs large number of students are enrolled through distance learning program in different courses. To know more about different universities and colleges in Punjab please click here.

Contact Address

Director Public Instruction (Colleges) Punjab,
SCO No. 66-67, Sector 17-D,
CHANDIGARH-160 047 (India)
Phone & Fax  : 0172-2704431
Email: [email protected]
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