Sociology PPSC Exam Syllabus

Updated on: Mar 5, 2013
Unit I

Basic Concepts

SocietyCommunity, Association, Institutions
Social groupsPrimary, Secondary, Reference groups
Social StructureStatus and Role : Ascribed and Achieved Status, Role set, Role Conflict
Norms & ValuesConformity and Deviance
CultureCultural change, Cultural Relativism, Cultural lag, Cultural diffusion
and Acculturation
Socio-CulturalSocialization, Co-operation, Assimilation
ProcessesIntegration, Competition , Conflict, Accommodation

Unit II

Marriage, Family and Kinship

MarriageForms, Types and Changing patterns
FamilyTypes, Functions and Changing patterns
KinshipTerms and Usage’s, Rules of residence, Descent and Inheritance

Economic, Political and Religious Institutions
  • Economic systems of simple and complex societies, Barter
  • Exchange and market economy.
  • Political institutions in simple and complex societies.
  • Religion in simple and complex societies.
Unit III
  • Social stratification and social inequalities : Caste, Class, Age and Sex.
  • Types of Society : Tribal, Agrarian, Industrial and Post Industrial, Communities, Rural and Urban differences, Rural-Urban Continuum.
Unit IV
  • Social Demography : Population Size, Growth, Composition; Fertility, Mortality , Migration; Population Policy of India.
  • Gender and Society : Sex, Gender, Gender roles, Gender justice and Women Empowerment.

Weaker Section :
  • Social discrimination and social justice.
  • Constitutional provisions regarding Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.
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