Urdu Language and Literature: PPSC Exam Syllabus

Updated on: Mar 5, 2013

   1. Answer must be written in Urdu.
   2. Attempt five questions, one question from each section is compulsory.
   3. All questions carries equal marks.

Section A - Development of Urdu Language

   1. Development of Indo-Aryan Languages.
   2. Western Indian Languages and dialetes - Punjabi, Brij Bhasha, Khariboli, Haryani
   3. Theories about origin of Urdu
   4. Social & Cultural roots of Urdu language and its script.
   5. Relation between Punjab and Urdu.

Section B - Literary History of Urdu

Fort William college, Anjuman-e-Punjab, Dabistan-e-Delhi aur Lucknow.

Section C - Development of Urdu Literature

Poetry : (Genres and their development), Masnavi, Qasida, Ghazal, Marsiya Nazm-e- Jadeed.
Prose : Dastan, Novel, Afsana, Drama

Section D - A Critical study of Poets & Writers

Mir, Ghalib, Hali, Iqbal, Prem Chand, Rajinder Singh Bedi and Sahir Ludhianvi.
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