Courses Offered at GNDU

Updated on: Mar 5, 2013

Guru Nanak Dev University (GNDU) offer various humanities and science courses in graduate, post graduate as well as in the doctoral level. Admission to these courses are held through entrance exams.

Given below is the list of courses offered by Guru Nanak Dev University (GNDU)

GNDU Regular Courses

  • Department of Applied Chemistry
    Course: M.Sc

  • Department of Applied Chemical Sciences & Technology
    Courses: B.Tech (Textile Chemistry)
    B.Tech. (Sugar & Alcohol Technology)

  • Department of Applied Physics
    Courses: M.Sc. Applied Physics (Electronics)
    M.Sc. Nanotechnology

  • Department of Food Science & Technology

  • Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Department of History
    Courses: M.A
    M. Phil

  • Department of Political Science
    Courses: M.A

  • Department of Psychology
    Courses: M.A

  • School of Social Sciences
    Bachelor in Social Science (H)

  • Department of Sociology
    Courses: M.A

  • Department of Library & Information Science
    Courses: B.Lib Sc (one year)
    M.Lib (one year)

  • Department of Commerce & Business Management
    Courses: M.B.A.
    M.B.A. (Hons.) Financial Services
    M.B.A.(Hons.) Marketing and Retail Management

  • School of Punjabi Studies

  • Department of Computer Science & Engineering

  • Departments of Electronics Technology

  • Department of Guru Nanak Studies
    Courses: M.A.Philosophy (Semester1)
    M.A.Philosophy (Semester11)
    M.Phil..Philosophy (Semester1)
    M Phil. Religious studies (Semester1)

  • Department of English

  • Department of Foreign Languages
    Full Time:-
    Diploma in French ( One Year)
    Diploma in Russian( One Year)

    Part Time :-
    Certificate Course in French
    Diploma Course in French, Russian, German,
    Advance Diploma in French, Russian.

  • Department of Hindi
    Courses: M.A., M.A. Translation and M.Phil.

  • Department of Sanskrit , Pali & Prakrit
    Courses: M.A. (Semester system), M.Phil. (Sanskrit)

  • Department of Persian
    Courses: M.A. (Urdu)
    Certificate Course in Urdu
    Certificate Course in Persian
    Certificate Course in Arabic
    Diploma Course in Urdu
    Diploma Course in Persian

  • Department of law

  • Department of Human Genetics
    Courses: B.Sc. (Honours School) three-year (Six Semesters) course (in abeyance since 2007)
    M.Sc. (Honours School) two-year (Four Semesters) course
    M.Sc. (Honours) two-year (Four Semesters) course

  • Department of Molecular Bio & Bio-Chemistry
    Courses: M.Sc.(Molecular Biology & Biochemistry

  • Department of Architecture
    Courses: Bachelor of Architecture5 year integrated course/10 semester

  • Department of Chemistry
    Courses: B.Sc. (Hons.School) in Chemistry - 3 year course (six semesters)
    M.Sc. (Hons.School) in Chemistry - 2 year course (four semesters)
    M.Sc. Chemistry (Instrumental Analysis) - 2 year course (four semesters)
    M.Sc. Industrial Chemistry - 2 year course (four semesters)

  • Department of Mathematics
    Courses: MSc. (Mathematics)
    MSc. (Statistics)

  • Department of Physics
    Courses: M.Sc.(Hons.School) Physics (2 years course)
    M.Sc.(Hons.) Physics (2 years course)
    M.phil. Physics (1 year course)

  • Department of Sports Medicine & Physiotherapy
    Courses: Ph.D. (Sports Medicine and Physiotherapy)
    Bachelor in Physiotherapy (B.P.T.)- 4 ½ years course (Annual system)
    Masters in Sports Physiotherapy (M.S.P.T.)- 2 year course (four semesters)
    Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital Management (P.G.D.H.M.)- 1 year course (two semesters)
    Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Jurisprudence (P.G.D.M.J.)- 1 year course (two semesters)

GNDU Part Time Courses

  • Department of Law
    Course: LL.M. - Law
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