PTU Directorate of Distance Education

Updated on: Mar 5, 2013

Punjab Technical University has a mission to provide excellent education to the PTU students and make the affiliated Learning Centers as center of excellence. Now the distance education programme is being revamped and a lot of progressive moves to modernize the mode of teaching are being taken by the University.

Interim Council of distance education has been constituted, which gives guidelines for the improvement of distance program are being undertaken. Punjab Technical University has been formed to be the grooming ground for the future Engineers, Managers and Researchers.

PTU understands that restricting technical education to its campuses only will not serve its objective of creating a knowledge rich society. It has firmly understood that latest technical education has to be spread to the general masses.

This is how the Distance Education Programme (DEP) of the Punjab Technical University was conceived. Its main objective is to impart affordable, relevant, skill-based & remunerative Technical Education to the masses of the country.

The University now has more than 2000 Learning Centres spread across the country offering quality technical education in the fields of Information Technology and Management, Paramedical Technology, Fashion Technology, Hotel Management & Tourism, Media and Mass Communication & Journalism etc.
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